Graphite and Mixed Media Drawings on Wood

Above: The Wave Version 2. Mixed media. Graphite, pastel, liquid graphite, paint and chalk on Larch wood.

Below: Tree drawings on Larch wood sections.

Below: A Safe Return. Mixed media drawing. Graphite, pastel, chalk and charcoal on Cedar wood. Approximately 1.5 metres wide. 


Above: The Wave Version 1, on Beech wood

Below: Storm Wave and Lighthouse, on 2 metre Larch Wood slice.


Above: Bell Rock Lighthouse on Beech wood.
Below: Glenfinnan Monument, Highlands, on Larch wood. Wall mounted. Approximately 1 metre wide



Above: Storm Wave, Dunbar, East Lothian, on free-standing Beech section.                           Above: Waterfall, on 2 metre tall Larch wood

Above: Falkland Former Free Church, on Leylandii trunk sections

Below: The Sanctuary, Isle of Skye. Wall mounted, approximately 1 metre wide.

Below: The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney. Mixed media drawing on Larch block.

Below: St Andrews Botanical Garden. Graphite on self-standing tree trunk section.         Below: Scots Pine Tree, Perthshire. Graphite on larch wood block.

                Below: Lighthouse. Mixed media drawing on wood block.                     Below: Standing Stones, Orkney. Graphite and pastel pencil on wood slice.

     Below: Loch Garry, Highlands. Framed wood slice.                                                                    Below: Blackrock Cottage, Highlands. Framed wood slice.